My name is Nicholas, not cancer.

Today will be something different, something quite personal. 4 weeks ago I was diagnosed with cancer, at the age of 23.

When first I received the news I panicked, everything changed and everything became uncertain. The only thought rushing through your mind is; Why me?

Quickly my doctors referred me to the right people, in order to get my tumor removed within a couple of days. I got the news Friday and went in to surgery on tuesday the next week. Everything goes quickly and then you wake up in a hospital. This is the moment when you realise everything is real.

Friends, family and colleagues start bombarding your phone with texts, all very understanding and worried about the situation. Something I still appreciate, especially the first couple of days it really helps you to notice that people actually care. After week two it started becoming rather irritating though.

Even though people are worried they keep asking the same questions.

“What’s the status of your health at this moment?”
“When will you be able to work again?”
“How did the surgery go?”
“What will happen next?”

These are all real concerns because people care, however the way they bring it is very confronting. While going through the emotional rollercoaster all you need is a simple “How are you feeling today?”.

It’s very obvious all these people care but my name is Nicholas, not cancer.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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