We live in strange times, everyone is at conflict again and there’s barely anything we can do, at least that wat everyone tells us. What if I told you this isn’t true.

For centuries the human race has been fighting but also conquered the most complex issues by working together. There’s something about friendship and common cause that has always made us flourish in what we do.

In our current society we’re thought to be selfish. From a young age we’re told that we need to be successful, make money and start a family. From the get go these high standards are there to be met. These ideals can differ from culture to culture and because of this, the idea might be created that our own way is the ‘ideal’ way. Instead of thinking like this here’s what we could also do.

Why don’t we try working together, learn from each other and do this on a larger scale? We don’t complain anymore when bad things happen, we just let politics play around with us and that is something we should not do. Instead of trying to protect ourselves from other cultures we should welcome them, learn from them and achieve things together. Of course we always have to be careful which individuals we allow, but do this in a non-biased way.

We have have to settle our differences by talking and understanding, not by fighting and isolating our nations. This way the us vs. them feeling will only grow stronger and our chance to evolve faster and in a better way as a race grow will do exactly the same thing. Unfortunately we’ve been living in a way for decennia which makes it difficult to make such a change in an eye blink.

Fortunately we can already start seeing certain things change, we’ve become more aware about problematics. Think about the internet: all information is available now, people who want to find events across the globe can do so as they wish. There’s a reason certain leaders censor it. They do it to protect theirselves and to make sure the people below them stay unaware of certain things that happen. You will be thinking of third world countries but don’t be fooled, you probably watch the news too, don’t you?

To implement this in our own life all we have to do is be curious, listen to others and genuinely try to understand them. Only like this we’ll find a way to live together in peace. If we start with ourselves, this world is already a better place. One person at a time.

What do you think and what you already do to make this place a little bit better each day?

Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash


  1. Lovely words, wonderful one. All is much easier when we leave the weight of the false ego identity and lift each other up.

    I try to show the people around me a way to express love freely through daily actions and words. In my experience, sometimes people just need a little push or someone to show them that it is in fact easy to let go of the theater of the ego and love abundantly.

    Thank you for your post.

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