Why was this blog created?

This blog aims to help people by giving another perspective to certain situations.

Who’s behind this blog?

My name is Nicholas, I’m a 23 year old living in Belgium.

Where do you get the photo’s you use?

All photo’s came from the website http://www.unsplash.com, however on every post there’s also a link to the exact artists name. Irecommend you visit them!

Will there every be paid services?

The blog is in an early stage and all content is 100% free, we cannot predict the future but I’m not even close to offering any service.

Can the articles replace professional help?

No! If you’re struggling with any kind of medical issue you should go see a qualified professional in your area. This website is merely to give another perspective on things not to replace any kind of professional help.

Why is my comment not showing up?

All comments are moderated, this to ensure the best user experience possible. I ask you to keep it respectful and constructive. If your comment is against one of the policies it might be subject to removal.

Are your articles based on facts?

No, my articles are a perspective and thus objective. If talking about a certain event I’ll do my utter best to provide the right information. But in no way can I guarantee that mistakes are never made. We’re all human after all.

How do I contact you?

All questions or feedback can be sent through the contact page. Feel free to get in touch.